Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT)

Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT)

The SAT (and other DutchSemCor software from UvA) comes with a BSD-2 license file: license-BSD2-UvA.txt. The provided Qooxdoo (plus Boulanger Dialog extension) and Django packages have there own licenses. 

Database. Use any db supported by Django; we use MySQL. SQLite might be too lightweight for the big SoNaR table. Create a db (in MySQL), with accompanying username and password

Web server. Django uses WSGI, so your web server should support that. In case of Apache on linux, the module might be modules/ And have the module loaded. 

Django web framework. We do not provide a Because the will contain your unique SECRET_KEY 9used for hasing passwords) it must be generated, and then edited. Create a django project in the normal way, naming it e.g. django_dsc. $ django-admin startproject django_dsc See Compare the generated with our and update it accordingly. It might be sufficient to insert your generated SECRET_KEY into the (and then rename it to 

Likewise, we do not provide a, because it contains things like database passwords. Instead we provide a Edit it, and rename it to

Also edit the following files: SAT/server/django_dsc/wsgi/sat-sample.wsgi and rename to sat.wsgi SAT/server/django_dsc/wsgi/sat-sample.conf, rename it to sat.conf, and copy it to e.g. /etc/httpd/conf.d

Collect the static files for Apache in the static files directory. Inside SAT/server/django_dsc: $ python collectstatic

The usernames and passwords for the SAT are now taken from the Django db. So they must be added with the django admin interface. 

Qooxdoo javascript framework. This web app has been mostly tested and used with Firefox. Chrome and Opera might work but are untested. Internet Explorer probably does not work. 

We use the Qooxdoo Javascript framework for the client side. Just unzip somewhere, and create a symbolic link inside SAT/client/dutchsemcor/ Then build the web app: $ python source $ python build

The SAT is currently probably not compatible with qooxdoo-2.* versions.


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