Cornetto-tools provides a number of functions to read the exports of the Cornetto database and to extract other data structures. In the script folder, you find 3 example scripts:

Extracts sense-groups from the structure of the Cornetto synsets and relations. It uses 3 algorithms: explicit relation between synsets of different meanings of a lemma, overlap of synonyms of synsets to which which different meanings belong and hypernyms shared by synsets to which different meanings belong.

Creates the UKB relation files and lexicon file from the Cornetto database

Extracts Base Concepts from Cornetto database

For running the scripts, the paths to the sources need to be adapted.

Cornetto-tools is compiled on Mac OS X version 10.6.8 with Java 1.6. It is used in on the DutchSemCor library for processing the Cornetto database (also provided in this distribution). 


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