Results and licensing

Introduction to the Cornetto Database
The Cornetto project (STE05039) is funded by the Nederlandse Taalunie within the STEVIN framework.
The data of the final results (version 1.2) of the Cornetto project are available through the TST-centrale of the Nederlandse Taalunie.
For research, the data are licensed without a fee. For commercial usage, a fee must be paid for the background data that is delivered by the publisher Van Dale.

A license for the Cornetto results can be obtained from the >TST-centrale.

The database has 70,371 synsets and 119,108 lexical units and is delivered as an XML database.
The following schema definitions as available for the data:
XSD for synsets
XSD for lexical units
XSD for Cornetto identifiers
XSD for the ontology
The most important document for the data is the final deliverable D16 Cornetto documentation.

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