Table 1: Deliverables

Id Title Mo. Wp Respon. Type
DO1 (PDF) MEANING-Cornetto Database 6 1 U-AMS Software, Report
DO2 (PDF) Aligned RBN, DWN and Wordnet2.x 6 2 IRION Data, report
DO3 (PDF) Top-level ontology, relation constraints and assignments 9 3 IRION Data, report
DO4 (PDF) Core Cornetto 15 4 VU-AMS Data, report
DO5 (PDF) Extended Cornetto 22 4 VU-AMS Data, report
DO6 (PDF) Acquired concepts 12 5 U-AMS Data, report
DO7 (PDF) Acquired relations 15 5 U-AMS Data, report
DO8 (PDF) Cornetto Acquisition toolkit 15 5 U-AMS Software, report
D09 (see D11) Ontology for the legal and finance domain 12 6 KU-LEU Data, report
D10 (see D11) Sub-database tuned, trimmed and extended to the legal and finance
22 6 KU-LEU Data, report
D09-D10-D11 (PDF) Domain tuning toolkit (for the legal and finance domain) 22 6 KU-LEU Software, report
D12 (PDF) Evaluation report of the ontology advisory-board 12 7 IRION Report
D13 (PDF) Task-based evaluation of Cornetto – document classification 17 7 IRION Report
D14 (PDF) Task-based evaluation of Cornetto – creation of a subjectivity lexicon 22 7 U-AMS Report
D15 (PDF) Evaluation report by Polderland BV. 22 7 Polderland BV Report
D16 Final Cornetto database and software 24 8 VU-AMS Software, data, report

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