Cornetto Demo

There are two demos for Cornetto:

– 1. The database browser in a Firefox client
– 2. The word and relations acquisition demo

The database browser allows you to view the data currently in the Cornetto database. See the Disclaimer for terms and conditions governing the access provided. See User Manual for further information on installation and use of the Cornetto Demo, or contact us in case you have any further questions. The data of the final results of the Cornetto project are available through the TST-centrale of the Nederlandse Taalunie.
The acquisition demo can be accessed through Instructions are included.
Finally, Erwin Marsi kindly provided another interface to the Cornetto datase that incorporates also word similarity calculation. This demo can be accessed from


By accessing the Cornetto Demo, you declare that you have read and accept the following conditions:

The Cornetto consortium reserves the right to change the conditions under which access is provided at any time, without prior notice. In particular, the Cornetto consortium reserves the right to discontinue access at any time without prior notice.

Access to the Cornetto Demo consists of the right to install and run the Cornetto Client software, and to use this software to view data and information contained in the Cornetto database. Access to the provided data and information is for demonstration purposes only. You may not download, save, or distribute, any of the data or information provided.

The Cornetto consortium is not liable for any data or information displayed and does not assume responsibility as to whether the data provided is correct or whether it is suitable for any purpose. The data contained in this demonstration database is under development and can change at any time without prior notice. You may not quote Cornetto or any related party for the information that is displayed.

The Cornetto Client software is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind to the maximum extend permitted by applicable law. If you choose to install and use the Cornetto Client, you do so at your own risk. In no event shall the Cornetto consortium or its suppliers be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of the use, or inability to use the Cornetto Client software.

User Manual

Installation of the Cornetto Client

The Cornetto client is a plugin for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Since Mozilla continuously releases updates for Firefox, the client will not work in recent versions. Since the project ended, there is no support to keep updating the client. We therefore prepared a portable version of Firefox with the client already installed for Windows users. You can run this version from the USB stick or you can copy it to a local drive. When launching the portable version, you will by-pass the version that is installed on your machine. Do the following (this only works for Windows):

– 1. Download the following ZIP file:
– 2. Unzip the file on a D-drive or your USB-stick.
– 3. Start Mozilla Firefox by double clicking the .exe file within the unpacked folder
– 4. Follow the instructions described in Installation instructions for a portable Cornetto client.

We appreciate your feedback on the Cornetto database at any stage of the project. Please email piek.vossen (at) for technical problems or general feedback.

Last update: 21 December, 2011 p.vossen(at)

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