The Perspective Web – Author Instructions

General Instructions

The Perspective Web

The theme and guiding concept of this book the question if we can build the Perspective Web or Web5.0 and what this would mean for communication. The Perspective Web (or Web5.0, the emotional interaction web) would be a projection on the Web1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 content that makes explicit what the source of specific content is and what perspective this source expresses on this content, as well as other content and perspectives provided by the source. The Perspective Web also provides connections between sources share a perspective and which sources contradict each other. As such, it allows for eliciting the dynamics of debates, opinions and views on a global scale. While Web1,2,3 are based on links, Web4 will reorganise this and connect the knowledge through sources and the content, showing the range of perspectives.

Individual Chapters

Each chapter covers a topic that is related to the notion of a Perspective Web. This can be anything from the motivation for and possibilities of a Perspective Web, what it should represent, how it can be created (automatically from analyzing content), how information can be represented to what the impact might be.

The content and topic is relatively free. Novelty is not a requirement. We do expect that chapters:

  • are accessible to a wider audience
  • accurately reflect the latest insights from the field
  • make explicit in the introduction how the topic, research or insights relate to the idea of a Perspective Web
  • The maximum length the chapter is 14 pages, including references.

    The deadline for first drafts is September 1st 2019

    Reviewing process

    All chapters will be peer-reviewed by one domain expert and one reviewer from another domain. They will check the overall quality of the chapter and in particular, whether the chapters provide an accurate overview of the latest knowledge (domain expert) and are accessible to a wider academic audience (out-of-domain reviewer).


    The chapter should follow the Cambridge specification. The LaTeX files for writing the chapter can be downloaded here: Cambridge_7A_multi_author_setup