We’re hiring academic assistants!

We’re hiring academic assistants!

Are you a Master Student in AI, Computer Science, Linguistics or Communication Science?
Do you want to get paid for working in an exciting research project that combines research strengths from different disciplines?

We are currently looking for student assistants for three interdisciplinary projects involving computational linguistics, computer science, communication science and history. Positions are for 1 day per week during the academic year 2014-2015.

The projects:

More information on the projects can be found on their individual websites.

How to Apply

Information on how to apply for individual projects can be found on the projects’ websites.

If you want to apply for more than one project, please send an email to the project managers [1] <aa_applications@googlegroups.com>, listing:

– your undergraduate degree,
– the master courses you have taken and intend to take,
– a list of your grades,
– a brief motivation, indicating preference for a particular project (if any)
– an indication of your availability (starting date).

[1] Project managers are (in alphabetical order):

  • Antske Fokkens
  • Laura Hollink
  • Annette Ten Teije
  • Serge Ter Braake
  • Wouter Van Atteveldt
  • Marieke Van Erp

OpeNER Hackathon: June 30 2014

OpeNER Travel Hackathon, June 30 2014 8:30 AM at Casa 400, Amsterdam

    At the hackathon you will have access to OpeNER’s comprehensive text analysis tools, which include named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and opinion detection.
    The OpenNER tools allow you to explore questions like who is mentioned in this text? Which opinions regarding the World Cup are given in this piece? What is the sentiment towards Amsterdam in this article?